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Sovereign Skills is prepared to carry out skills assessments for employees to determine the level of training needed.

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SOVEREIGN SKILLS DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE is an accredited BBBEE enterprise providing assessing/interviewing recruitment and training in computer training, information technology and soft skills with full MICT SETA, ETDP, DEPARTMENT of LABOUR and AMALUSI accreditation. We are also registered with FoodBev Seta and MQA. Sovereign’s training team consists of certified moderators, assessors, trainers, MOUS and IC3 instructors.

Sovereign’s diversified training and development services are built on an average of 20 years of hands-on experience in corporate environments, interacting with executive level, senior management, field-level, supervisory staff, etc. in the private and public sectors.

Having this experience gives us the ability to design appropriate training and effectively relate to all types of audiences.

We pride ourselves in our expertise and background in developing leadership programmes and corporate-wide initiatives, and we have strong experience in coaching and mentoring at the management and executive levels.

Sovereign’s goals in the business industry are to provide training in information technology, as well as soft skills to learners (primarily focusing on learners from previously disadvantaged backgrounds), equipping them with skills, competence and knowledge that will result in well-trained and qualified personnel who will ultimately contribute significantly to the economic growth and development of our country.

We offer real benefit to our customers through the provision of pertinent, unbiased, and up-to-date computer training knowledge and competencies in the form of high quality training, delivered by professional, hands-on experts. Our passion lies in the power of knowledge and skills transfer, to act as a lasting catalyst to organisational achievement. Our ongoing growth and success will be based solely on our ability to respond to market needs through our training, and on the quality and excellence of our service. Our primary focus is to provide excellence of service to all clients at all times.

We ensure the growth of our customers’ intellectual capital by delivering hard-edged, accurate, objective and up-to-date knowledge and information through our Training and Skills Development.



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