Advanced Excel Training: It’s Not All Bar Graphs and Pie Charts

Advanced Excel Training: It’s Not All Bar Graphs and Pie Charts

Excel training courses are designed to give people a working knowledge of this powerful program.  Unfortunately, when some people think about registering for advanced Excel training, they seem to think their future holds nothing but pie charts and bar graphs.  We’re here to tell you that this is certainly not the case.


The Creative Side of Excel Training

Firstly, with regard to charts and graphs, Excel doesn’t try to limit its users in the slightest.  The standard-looking data visualisation that some might associate with Excel was probably created in a rush, or by someone with limited knowledge of Excel.  The truth is that Excel allows for some beautifully clean and creative visualisations.

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The above image shows some of the visualisations possible with Excel.  The colour schemes are completely customisable, as are many of the formatting elements.


Other Great Features

Excel is largely focussed on the representation of data, but this doesn’t mean that it only offers one form of representation.  The great news about this innovative program is that it provides multiple avenues to represent data visually, depending on its users’ creativity and needs.

Here are some great features of Microsoft Excel which some users might not know about:



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Sparklines are essentially summaries of rows of data, made visible inside the space of a single cell.  They are graphs which depict information without axes, thereby saving a great deal of space and avoiding clutter.  They may be simple, but they convey a surprisingly large amount of pertinent information.


Heat Maps

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The Conditional Formatting options allow the use of heat maps, which makes the interpretation of numbers lists far easier for the human eye.  Heat maps essentially use coloured gradients to depict numbers in a particular order, in which the highest number could be darkest and the lowest could be lightest.


Duplicate Removal

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Excel is often used for the collection and representation of data from multiple sources.  But, whenever data is collected, there is a high likelihood of duplicates.  Fortunately Excel has a fantastic tool for the detection and removal of duplicated data.  Removing duplicates is a very easy, yet effective process, and saves large amounts of time whilst making the user look very professional.


These are just some of the Excel features that allow for creativity and enjoyment when working with Excel.  So, if you are wondering whether Excel training courses will limit you to a lifetime of uniform graphs, take comfort in the fact they certainly won’t.





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