Five business skills to help motivate your workforce

Five business skills to help motivate your workforce

One of the most important business skills anyone in management can acquire is the ability to keep your staff motivated.

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Sir Richard Branson.

Sir Richard Branson – owner of the Virgin Group – believes that if you look after your staff, they will look after your customers. It’s a philosophy which has served the billionaire well in his many successful business ventures over the years.

The beneficial science behind all of this, is knowing exactly what strategies need to be implemented in order to motivate your workforce.


According to a recent survey conducted by TriNet, it was found that the majority of employees are more motivated by an enjoyable company culture than by financial compensation. Most business skills courses will focus on educating their participants in creating this self-driven company culture.

Here are five great tactics that can be used to motivate staff:

1 Help staff understand the company’s vision

Involving staff in the vision a company has with regards to goals and targets for its long term future, will allow them to see themselves, as individuals, progressing through the ranks, envisioning their own contributions and recognition in making these goals reality.

2 Give employees freedom of expression and creativity

Hearing and acknowledging ideas and the contributions made by an employee at a higher level makes them feel more important within the organisation. This can motivate them into releasing their full creativity; something both they and the company would benefit from.

3 Recognition of achievement

When it comes to motivation, recognising the accomplishments of an employee has a far greater effect than punishing their failures. A simple thank-you note or rewards offering can go a long way to ensuring loyalty in your best workers.

4 Provide training and assist in career paths

By helping employees see the light at the end of the tunnel, a manager can turn a rough diamond into a gleaming jewel with just a little assistance and guidance. Unleashing the potential in the right person can rapidly turn an office newbie into one of your most valuable staff members.

5 Regular feedback and communication

Annual reviews are outdated and ineffective. An employee needs to know what he or she is doing right or wrong in order to focus on strengths and improve upon weaknesses. Speaking with your employees on a regular basis demonstrates your interest in their progress and personal growth within the company.

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