Computer Training Courses to Help Educated Youth find Jobs

Computer Training Courses to Help Educated Youth find Jobs

Tassels, tossed hats and oversized gowns, yes you guessed it, it’s graduation day! All those long nights and early mornings you spent writing your thesis and prepping for that big exam are finally over and you are ready to join the world of the working, but is that world ready for you? The number of unemployed youth in South Africa is one of the worst in the world. Research shows that less than half of people of working-age have jobs, and the figures are much lower for individuals younger than 35. Many of these people are educated as far as university level but are still unable to find employment. Some of these people are just unlucky because there are not enough jobs to go around, but a good amount of them are less employable because they lack basic computer training.

A large number of people attend schools which require students to take a few computer courses, however, in South Africa many schools and universities lack the facilities needed for students to develop skills that are vital for them to get jobs. If you find yourself amongst these numbers, it is important that you find a program that offers computer training courses before or after you graduate.

In today’s business environment almost everything is technology based and the few companies that are not, still use computers for certain functions around the office. In any major field, computer knowledge is needed and sometimes even a requirement when searching for jobs. Computer courses can also help you get more familiar with the internet in order to assist with your job search in terms of knowing the skills needed for different jobs, and working to acquire those skills.

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The harsh reality is that you will not always find the jobs in the field you studied, but is important to keep an open mind during your search. Some young graduates are not finding employment because they believe that they are entitled to a particular job and will not settle for anything less. However, it is important that you are willing to take something else to support you during your search for a career, while doing this you have to make yourself marketable. This can be done by taking a computer training course or program to develop your skills.

There are a number of services (such as Sovereign Skills) that offer basic to advanced computer training courses, make sure that you do your research and find the best one that suits you.


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