Business Skills




Appraising Performance


Appraising Performance provides an overview of the basics of conducting performance appraisals. It provides guidelines and best practices for evaluating and improving the work performance of employees, thereby increasing quality and productivity.

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Effective Management


The world of business is increasingly becoming centered about the interaction of different teams, both within and outside the organisation. The success of a team within a company is often directly linked to the ability of a manager to lead and manage the team effectively. In order to perform the job well, the manager must understand the different roles of everyone involved in the team, and be trained in developing the capabilities of all team members and addressing issues as soon as they surface. This management training courses will help you gain an understanding of the basic fundamentals of becoming an effective manager for your team.

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Performance Management


New managers want to be able to step forward and assume their new responsibilities with confidence. You want to be able to lead the individuals on your team effectively by conducting ongoing performance appraisals; delivering helpful and instructive feedback, training, and coaching; and designing and implementing performance standards. You also want to develop talent within your team by employing effective performance-management strategies on the job. This management training courses will give new managers essential performance-management skills.

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Motivating Your Employees


This course will assist you in understanding and implementing strategies that will help to motivate your work force. You will identify motivation and the factors that influence it. You will also implement managerial strategies to increase employee motivation, to improve job performance, and ultimately to create a self-motivated work force

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Effective Business Writing


This course teaches students how to write in a business environment. After a review of basic writing skills, students will learn how to write business letters and reports, as well as several types of proposals.

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Effective Time Management


Time is a form of currency, and the ways that we talk about it illustrate its value: we say “Time is money,” and “My time was well spent,” or “It’s a waste of time.” Like most professionals, you’ve probably struggled with managing this resource effectively. In this course, you will practice techniques that will help you achieve more effective use of your time so that you can direct your energy towards the activities that will further your professional and personal goals.

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Change Management for Managers


With constantly shifting global economies and technological developments, businesses are constantly changing to exploit opportunities. Companies no longer have the luxury of remaining the same. Therefore, managers must constantly prepare for and implement change, guiding their employees through periods of transition

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Change Management for Employees


Everyone who works in the business world today is faced with constant changes and is expected to adapt. In this course, students will identify methods for solving problems resulting from workplace changes. Students will define change management and identify strategies for effectively preparing for change, coping with reaction to change, and becoming an agent of change in their working lives.

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Managing Project Teams


You want to create and maintain a successful team. Learning how to effectively manage a team is the first step to realising your goal. In this course, you will determine how to manage the team so that it remains effective

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Negotiating Skills


You will perform the basic steps in a business negotiation.  Business professionals who may or may not be in a supervisory position and want to learn negotiating skills.

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