Microsoft Excel Courses


Microsoft Courses


The ability to save and analyse data is crucial in evaluating the success of your business, as well as planning for its future. Our courses will help you organise your data like a pro, allowing you to steer your business in the right direction.

What does the software have to offer:

  • Build great business/information charts: A visual presentation can add that extra punch when reporting business results or expectations, acting as great persuasive marketing material.
  • Conditional formatting allows you to dictate which data is most relevant for certain dates, times or values.
  • Excel allows you to create different worksheets in the same document.
  • The details are separated, but it is still possible to link them. You don’t have to create a new document.
  • Excel allows has incorporated formula which allows for complex mathematical equations to be automatically calculated. These can be edited by entering numbers and mathematical formulas into cells.
  • Scheduling: Excel is great for scheduling and marking important meetings.
  • Track progress and growth by analysing charts and graphs over time to compare business income and expenditures.