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There are around 200 billion emails sent each day around the world. Microsoft Office is one of the best products on the market for doing just this and keeping on top of the vital mail management process.

  • Outlook is an email management system that allows you to integrate with many devices and applications. You can read and send out mail, edit your events calendar and take notes from your PC or any synched smart device.
  • The software makes it easy to sort the hundreds of message received, by categorising them into folders which are easily created. You can also forward or redirect messages according to selected criteria.
  • Outlook’s forms feature lets businesses set up workflows for functions like online voting polls. If, for instance, someone wants to choose a destination for a company lunch, the organiser can send out a mail offering various options. Recipients can then click a voting button within the email message to with their responses.
  • Outlook, often being standard with Microsoft Windows packages has become a very familiar interface to millions of users. This saves companies the costs of having to train staff.
  • Not only does the system allow you to organise your message, but it allows you to schedule meetings and tasks based on the emails received. Outlook incorporates an address book, events calendar, task list and digital sticky notes.
  • Outlook has excellent junk mail filtering, preventing spam messages from flooding your inbox.
  • Contacts can be shared and synchronised, meaning contacts can be organised into mail lists which are easily edited and stored.
  • The search function lets you to speedily find any information you’re looking for within your mailbox. Search for keywords to find emails subject, contacts and specify dates.
  • Sharing is a great tool for communication within your business. Calendar events can be shared with anyone you choose as well as files stored on OneDrive.