Microsoft Word Courses


Microsoft Courses


A basic level understanding of Microsoft Office has become a must in today’s corporate or business environment. Whether writing briefs, analysing data or creating presentations, Microsoft Office is still the best software in the business.

What does the software have to offer:

  • Word’s integration with other Microsoft products allows us to easily drop portions of other documents right into a written report.
  • Easy available to everyone in the business world, Word can be installed on just about any PC. Microsoft Word can also be used offline.
  • It allows the user to create various formats in accordance with the need and importance, like business cards, brochures, new letters and many more items that are needed.
  • Integration: Integrate Microsoft Word with other Office programmes, such as Excel and PowerPoint. It is easily done by pasting the saved worksheet on the document. Converting a PowerPoint presentation to a word document is also possible. This allows you to provide handouts of the presentations to the audience.
  • Word’s functionality with images and graphics allows for the creation of charts directly from the text and basic editing images can all be done in Word itself.
  • The software allows for documents certain paragraphs within documents to be worked on at the simultaneously by multiple users, with each user’s changes being reincorporated together into the original file after the other has finished.
  • With dictionary and thesaurus incorporated into the software, there are no excuses for spelling mistakes. The software also makes grammar and punctuation recommendations.