Creating and Maintaining Life Balance


How has stress affected you in the past? Have you had to take time away from work or your family because you have felt stressed out? You, like millions of others, may have difficulty managing stress in your life. Fortunately, there are techniques you can use to better manage stress, and possibly even lessen the amount of stress you encounter on a daily basis. In this course, you will learn ways of improving your physical and mental well-being, and methods of handling stress in an effective and productive manner.

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Developing Yourself as a Leader


This course will provide the methods to perform a personal assessment so that new managers can identify areas for improvement and apply strategies to develop and grow their leadership capabilities. You will identify strategies that will help you develop as an effective leader

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Effective Presentations


This course teaches students about creating effective presentations. Students learn how to determine realistic presentation objectives, analyse the audience, use supporting materials effectively, organise a presentation clearly, and successfully incorporate visual aids. Course activities also cover reducing the fear of speaking, remaining calm, appearing relaxed, and improving the delivery of your presentation. Finally, students learn how to assess the audience members and answer their questions, organise a persuasive presentation, and use reasoning and emotional appeals to persuade an audience. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.

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Coaching Essentials


As a leader in your organisation, you are expected to help people meet or exceed expectations and to help ensure productivity and profitability for the organisation. Coaching is a leadership tool that is effective in improving performance and contributing to the goals of the organisation. In this course, you will explore the benefits of coaching, coaching approaches, how to develop an action plan, and methods for ensuring the coaching process is successful.

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Women in Leadership


For women who want to become business leaders, this course uses self-study activities to help readers understand and develop the leadership skills required for business success. Topics include communication styles, team building, differences between male and female leadership styles, and much more.

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Sexual Harassment Awareness


This training program is designed to help you acquaint others with the basics of preventing sexual harassment at work and handling complaints when they do occur. In this course, participants will learn to recognise actions that would be considered sexual harassment under most laws, learn how to set up procedures to deal with sexual harassment complaints, and understand how to prevent sexual harassment in the organisation

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Communication Across Cultures


Increasingly, businesses around the world have become more interconnected, and companies have to think more globally in order to succeed. Despite economic ties with foreign nations, countries can be ill-prepared for doing business abroad, lacking the knowledge and sensitivity to adjust their business behavior to different cultural contexts. This course will provide you with strategies to communicate effectively across cultures.

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Emotional Intelligence for Managers


In this course, you will assess your current emotional intelligence capabilities, determine your strengths, and identify areas for improvement. You will examine how emotions affect behavior and how those behaviors impact your relationships with others. You will also develop strategies for managing the emotional energy in yourself and others.

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What Good Managers do the First 100 days


This course will give new managers the basics of effective management for their first 100 days on the job. Professionals who have achieved success as individual contributors often transition into management roles. New managers want to be able to step forward and assume their new responsibilities with confidence. You want to be able to conduct performance appraisals, monitor work processes, communicate effectively with team members, build an internal network of supportive colleagues, and avoid common management pitfalls. You also want to be able to resolve conflicts that arise, coach people to give great performances, and serve as an advocate for your team within the wider corporate structure.

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