Google teams up with Johannesburg non-profits for digital skills training

Google teams up with Johannesburg non-profits for digital skills training

We at Sovereign Skills, like so many individuals and organisations in the game of education, believe that the possibility of a wealthy and prosperous South Africa all hinges on access to information and education, particularly education that empowers the learner with the computer and digital skills to tackle the fast-changing and extremely competitive job market in today’s information age. That’s why we love to see digital powerhouses like Google giving South Africa’s underprivileged the opportunity they need to achieve digital competence and to align themselves with the digital marketplace, through the Google Reach program.

Volunteers from Google recently spent several weeks in Johannesburg, working alongside non-profit groups to attempt to close the digital divide through skills training courses, and encourage social transformation in disadvantaged populations through their project, Google Reach.

This volunteer-based leadership-development opportunity gives Googlers the chance to be part of a group chosen each quarter to assist in this initiative, by working with the NGOs as well as businesses and entrepreneurs, to tackle humanitarian obstacles in underprivileged communities and emerging markets.

This historic event is the first of its kind to be held in Johannesburg, but the project has also seen great successes and popularity in Ghana, India and the Philippines. The team collaborated on projects such as creating digital skills training programs and programs aimed at accelerating youth employment. Their ultimate aim is to break down barriers to opportunity by using skills training courses to allow young people to access a wide array of skills training programs as well as entry-level employment opportunities.

They also put their heads together for the African Leadership Academy, to create a sustainable talent pipeline as well as a strategy for online fundraising in support of an international medical non-profit organisation which sources international doctors for South Africa’s rural areas.

Google Reach, according to global project manager Sarah Nickerson, reaches out to Googlers who are passionate about social impact projects, and exhibit exemplary leadership and communication abilities. Weekly projects included spreading their skills training programs into the townships, working with young people to improve their prospects on the job market, and even bringing their skills training courses to Alexandra’s 3 to 6-year-olds.

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