MS Office is Still King of the Workplace: Why Basic Microsoft PC Training is Still Essential for Job Seekers

MS Office is Still King of the Workplace: Why Basic Microsoft PC Training is Still Essential for Job Seekers

Many people will tell you that basic Microsoft PC training is useless, a waste of time or an outdated skill-set. Nowadays it seems that Apple electronics are everywhere – from the sweaty palms of teenage smartphone users, to the pockets and ears of every morning jogger, and especially sitting on the laps of today’s millennial youth. Many people attribute Apple’s success to their wide consumer appeal – sleek design, fantastic advertising campaigns, and software functions that fit in well with our daily lives.

But many of these millennial technology whizz-kids are in for something of a shock upon entering the workplace: they will be expected to have at LEAST basic Microsoft PC training, and a decent understanding of the Microsoft office suite if they hope to get anywhere in the corporate world.

Microsoft office training in corporate companies is not just a suggestion – it’s a must. And no amount of “but my Mac can do the same thing!” is going to change that. Microsoft’s office suite is legendary for its success. In fact, it generates more revenue than any other Microsoft product, having been established as the gold standard in corporate software decades ago. All around the world, companies trust their very survival to Microsoft, and you can rest assured that Microsoft Office training in corporate companies isn’t going anywhere soon, so you might as well get learning!

Here are just a few of the reasons Microsoft Office is the king of the corporates, and why basic Microsoft PC training is essential for today’s job seekers.


Google Docs can’t match Microsoft for power

Often referred to as the best alternative to Microsoft Office, Google Docs, a cloud-based option, just can’t deliver the power that both corporates and private consumers have come to expect from Office. Many cite particularly weak data analysing capabilities in Google Docs, a problem that Office doesn’t have.


iWork is too consumer-centric

Apple has made a mint customising both hardware and software to be user friendly at the most basic levels, but this is more of a negative than an advantage when it comes to iWork. Its level of sophistication can’t touch the Microsoft Office Suite when it comes to corporate users and their ever-changing needs, making office the clear winner.

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Employee productivity poses an issue

Time and time again, studies and analyses have shown that when it comes to productivity, Microsoft office just can’t be beaten. Its design is specifically aimed at speeding up processes, and its interface is already comfortably familiar with the majority of users. In other words, Office makes people more productive – and it’s been proven!


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