We aim to provide professional and vocational education and computer training programmes. Further, we commit to providing training and development programmes that will improve individual, team and organisational performance.

We ensure that set objectives are understood and communicated to learners throughout training to enhance learning, and ensure continuous measurement and evaluation of all training initiatives.

We meet the skills shortage needs that our country faces, and train learners to the exacting South African Qualifications Authority approved standards. Moreover, we provide a basis for further personal development, promote occupational and social development, and align training and development to accommodate special needs of learners. We also assist learners with skills needs analyses prior to training.

We strive to provide continual constructive feedback to learners during training, and ensure that all training will be outcomes-based; aligned to SAQA unit standards. We provide a Statement of Results and a certificate of accomplishment to learners that have been assessed as competent at the end of the training session, as well as provide ongoing support and help to learners after completion of training.


In accordance with the declaration of intent, Sovereign Skills Development institute shall pursue the following objectives:

Sovereign offers the End User Computing Qualification as a learnership or skills program which is partially funded by the Seta. End User Computing also available as individual courses eg. Excel, Word, PowerPoint etc. from beginner to expert.

We offer a structured Skills Program. The purpose of the program is primarily focused on up skilling unskilled employees. Empowered with these newly acquired skills, employees will now have the opportunity to apply for skilled/semi-skilled positions within the company, ultimately supporting and or enhancing business productivity.

This program may be implemented for empowerment in the practical nature. The main purpose being, that employees will become functionally literate and practically enlightened.. It is the starting point for articulation and movement up the NQF. It enables an employee to progressively advance towards a qualification and it should support career or talent management.

Benefits to the employer:

  • More literate and qualified workforce
  • More motivated and productive workforce
  • Low absenteeism
  • Built company loyalty, raised staff morale and an offer to staff to increase their skills and receive recognition.

Sovereign Skills Development also customises courses to suit your company’s needs.

Sovereign Skills Development is prepared to carry out skills assessments for employees to determine the level of training needed.

We are also prepared to assist with the skills plan and training schedules.

Sovereign also offers courses for employees who have had no formal training previously, whereby we start training from keyboard orientation and move on to the next level which is Introduction to Windows. At the end of this course we will then recommend, depending on the employees job description which would be the next course he/she should attend.

In accordance with the declaration of intent, Sovereign Skills Development institute shall pursue the following objectives:

  • To eliminate all forms of discrimination in conditions of service and employment practices whether directly or indirectly based on race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience belief, culture or language.
  • To establish fair and equitable principles of employment and to present equal opportunities and conditions of service to all learners / employees / or candidate employees.
  • To correct imbalances in the composition of the workforce with regard to race, gender and disability this may exist as a result of discrimination in the past.
  • To create an organisational culture that will support and encourage employees to respect diversity and strive to achieve the productive and economic needs of Sovereign Skills Development Institute.
  • To promote the principles of participative decision making with a view to developing a relationship of trust, co-operation and confidence amongst management and employees and their organisation.
  • To create education, training and development opportunities to promote career advancement and representativeness with Sovereign Skills Development Institute.
  • To ensure Sovereign Skills Development Institute is composed in such a manner that it is able to serve all members of the public efficiently and effectively with due regard to race, culture and ethnic diversity.
  • To establish an Employment Equity Committee and to define its functions, powers, duties and composition.