There are few activities in this world that can be considered better investments of time and money, than education. No matter what you do, learning is never a waste of time, whether it is to further your career, or it is simply for fun and interest, you may find yourself in a situation where you are grateful for the time spent learning.

In South Africa, education and development initiatives are growing, however there is still a large gap where skills learning is sorely missing.

Sovereign Skills provides excellent training and development courses on a range of subjects that are geared towards equipping people with real, practical skills that can be applied each day in the workplace.


By investing in training skills development, employers and employees benefit. Employers will see a twofold investment on their money spent on training; first, workers will have more skills and be better able to perform more complex tasks in the workplace, and second, there are certain tax benefits in South Africa for employers and companies who train and develop their staff with accredited training institutes.

For employees, education is a gift that never stops giving. Not only can they improve their personal situations through earning more money with the skills they have attained, they can turn their jobs into careers, showing long-term growth in terms of their occupations.

Moreover, with the unemployment rate in South Africa sitting at around a quarter of the population, those who invest in skills development and training courses are contributing to the improvement of the economy.

While many consider tertiary education at university level to be the only way to achieve career success, this is simply not true. In reality, many employers value skills above a piece of paper, because a university education cannot teach practical skills and experience. With Sovereign Skills Development Institute, enrolees receive both the skills and the paper.

Another bonus of enrolling workers into one of our development programmes is that your employees will see how you are investing not only time and money in them, but your confidence as well, and this will, in turn, boost their confidence and pride in their work. This will also contribute to loyalty in workers for their company.

We provide training and development courses in Microsoft programs, such as Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook, all of which are necessary for many jobs in our modern, technological world. We also provide a wide range of other courses such as call centre training, budgeting, and team-building. Many of these courses benefit employees outside of the working environment too, enriching their lives in all areas.

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